Activities and resources from the Chemistry II Summer Institute 2013

DAYS 1 and 2

Lecture Notes


Measurement Games

Inquiry in Action -- Investigating Matter Through Inquiry

Matter Pogile File

Lesson on Matter

Lesson Matter

Chemistry Review: Water URL

Chemistry Review: Water

Lesson on Water: URL

The Strucutre of Water

Investigation 1- Mysterious M&M's URL

Mysterious M&M's

Animation-- Dissolving NaCl in water URL

Dissolving Sodium Chloride

Electron Configuration POGIL File

Ion POGIL File

Chemistry Review: Physical change in solids URL

Physical Changes in Solids

Activity 2: Curious Crystals URL

Activity 2: Curious Crystals URL

Chemistry Review - Physical Change in Liquids URL

Physical Changes in Liquids

Investigation 3- Look Alike Liquids

Investigation 3: Look Alike Liquids URL

Metric System Rap URL

Metric System Rap URL

Day 3

Molarity POGIL File

Solubility POGIL File

Chemistry Review: Dissolving URL

Chemistry Review

Investigation 4: Defining dissolving URL

Defining Dissolving URL

Acid/Base POGIL File

Calculating pH POGIL File

Chemistry Review: Chemical Change URL

Chemistry Review

Investigation 5- Chemical change URL

Investigation 5: Chemical Change

Lecture Notes: Chem 2 Day 3 File

Day 4 and 5

Lecture Notes-- Chem 2 days 4 and 5 File

ACS- International Year of Chemistry Activities File

National Chemistry Week

Additional Resources for Grades 6-8

Science for Kids

Additional Resources for Grades 3-6

American Chemistry Society Site for Kids URL