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Lesson Plans, Lab Experiments, and other activities correlated with the NC Science Standards for Grades K-12.

The following pages provide curriculum support for grades 3-8 in science!

NEW!! LCS Pacing Guides 2017-2018

LCS 2012-2013 Curriculum Standards

Sample Essential Questions
6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Grades 3-5 Essentially Science Standards/Curriculum

DPI Essentially Science Standards Crosswalk Documents

3rd Grade Science Crosswalk 6th Grade Science Crosswalk

4th Grade Science Crosswalk 7th Grade Science Crosswalk

5th Grade Science Crosswalk 8th Grade Science Crosswalk

DPI Essentially Science Standards Unpacking Documents

3rd Grade Science 6th Grade Science
4th Grade Science 7th Grade Science
5th Grade Science 8th Grade Science

New Bloom's Taxonomy Links

New Bloom's Verb Chart

Costa's Levels of Questioning

Science RAFTs